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Featured Listings

  • Gifts A' Curios Ltd

    P.O.Box 2677, Kampala


    Specialists in: *Arts *Crafts *flower

  • Hellouganda Online Services Kampala

    Plot 1001, Suzie Plaza Ggaba Rd.(Next to American Embassy - Nsambya)
    P.O Box 7615, Kampala
    Uganda is an online web portal, It's

  • Gateway Technologies Ltd

    Plot 1001, Sussie House Next to American Embassy
    P.O. Box 7615, Kampala
    Kampala 0256

    Gateway Technologies is a professional Knowledge

  • Roper Fashions Ltd

    Plot 77/79 Kampala Road


    African Wear

  • Euro Asia Sports Centre (U) Ltd

    Ambassador House, Kampala Road
    P.O.Box 31275, Kampala


    Sports wear, Balls Pool tables shoes, bannners